20190501-HP 参考


ARSÈNE LUPIN ♥︎ Official Short Film

20190501-HP 参考

ARSÈNE LUPIN ♥︎ Official Short Film

– CAST –

ARSÈNE LUPIN – Spotted Wood Owl

MR.PRESIDENT – Malay Eagle Owl

OKRA – Western Screech Owl

MR.OSTRICH – Burrowing Owl

ZEBRA – Chaco Owl

KUPPI – White-faced Scopes

SHRIMP – Ferruginous Pygmy Owl




みなさまこんにちは!アキバフクロウは、フクロウと人が心地よく、お互いを尊重しながら過ごせる様な空間作りを行っております。フクロウのケアを最優先に【完全予約制・少人数制・短時間営業】とさせていただいております。あたたかく静かな白の空間で、アキバフクロウの世界観を存分にお楽しみ頂けますように…。貴方の “大切な友達” を見つけてくださいますと幸いです。



Hello everyone★

AkibaFukurou is an Owlcafe located in Akihabara, Tokyo:the number of guests will be【limited to small groups】also our room is provided【by reservation only】 

 People who are busy or from overseas can enter the room smoothly without standing in a big queue.



アキバフクロウは、お客様と楽しくお友達付き合いが出来れば素敵だなと思っております。待ち合わせをする様な感覚でお気軽にご予約いただき、ご入場いただいた後は、心からリラックスして、シャンデリアを眺めながらフクロウと戯れる…♪ 日常と離れて、優雅なひと時を過ごしていただけると嬉しく思います。1名様も大歓迎です^^



We would be grateful if you could feel free to visit us, something like going to a friend’s place♥

We think it would be nice if we could cultivate enjoyable friendships with you. It would be wonderful if you could feel free to make a reservation,like meeting up with friedns; and after entering the room, you could truly relax and interact with the owls under the chandeliers…♪ ; We hope all of you will spend such a graceful time!

Solo guests are also [More Than Welcome♥︎]

“Recharge your batteries for today with the ‘Owl-charger’, and switch yourself  ‘ON’  !!☆”


Owl Cafe – Akiba Fukurou

101-0022 67, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo

Tel / Akiba Fukurou is a world with no phones.Please take some time to contact us by e-mail.

Web / akiba2960.com

Instagram / akibafukurou

Facebook / akibafukurou

Twitter / @akiba2960



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【By Reservation only】
〒101-0022 67, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Akiba Fukurou is a world with no phones. Please take some time to contact us through the website.