♥Please follow these rules♥

♥ You are free to take photos. (Please refrain from using your flash when
taking photos, and also refrain from taking video.)
♥ After taking photos, you can upload them freely on your web page. (Please
refrain from using those photos for any commercial purposes .)
♥ After entering the shop, please clean your hands with alcohol.
♥ Please refrain from smoking inside and outside of the shop.
♥ Please do not litter around the shop as a courtesy to our neighbors.
♥ No outside food or beverages are allowed inside the shop.
♥ Pets are not allowed in the shop.
♥ Please refrain from harassing the owls. If you should handle the owls
violently or cause any trouble for other guests, we would ask you to leave
the room.
♥ If you should be injured by owls , we would give you first aid. However, we
shall not be held responsible for any injury.
♥ If you should injure owls on purpose or through gross negligence, we
would ask you to pay for medical expenses.
♥ If you are worried that you may be allergic to animals, please consult your
doctor before visiting us. In our shop, surgical masks are available. Please
feel free to ask our staff if you would like to use a surgical mask just in
♥ Please be mindful of the volume of your voice as a courtesy to other
♥ Please refrain from carrying any toys inside the shop.
♥ Organized crime groups or solicitors are not allowed to enter the shop.

A guide for the parents of children

♥ Children under 3 cannot enter the room.
♥ Children below elementary school students can enter the room with the
assistance of a parent or guardian.
♥ Please note that if your children should cry out or be a nuisance to other
guests, we would ask them to go outside of the room temporary.
♥ As children’s hands are sensitive, please be careful not to come in contact
with the owls’ beak and talons. The owls in our shop are calm, and they have
got used to humans,
but, you must remember owls are birds of prey that are at the top of the
ecological pyramid (hierarchy).We can never teach owls how to behave. Our
staff’s split-second carelessness would cause an accident. Please keep an
eye on your children in order to avoid any accidents. If your children
should be injured by owls, we would give them first aid. However, we shall
not be held responsible for any injury.



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