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Owl cafe Akiba Fukurou is one of the most popular animal cafes in the world with the highest number of reviews.

Owl Cafe Reviews


Motley Crue Nikki Sixx! The whole body is tattooed and powerful. It was a gentleman who was kind to owls!

Akiba Fukurou has a secret number of superstars that cannot be announced.

The young lady also loves the cuteness of the owl!

Japanese celebrity!

From Taiwan

Everyone seems to have fun!

From Korea

This is a woman-only owl. (She hates men)

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From Indonesia!

Far from Italy and France!

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Owl Cafe Reviews from the world

from America

  • Perfect for animal lovers! This was my favorite part of Tokyo. What separates this from the other animal cafes is the owl’s welfare comes first. The owners take great pride and care of the owls making their environment relaxing and stress free. Reservations are a must and can be done easily online. The atmosphere is quiet, comfortable with only a limited amount of people per hour allowed in the cafe. No food or drinks are served, only magnificent owls. The price includes a nice souvenir photo and the personal handling of two owls (of your choice). There are plenty of owls ranging in sizes and breeds and all of them seemed relaxed and stress free. Seeing them taken care of and respected by the owners made me feel good about being there. The owners are very kind and patient and it’s clear their number one concern is the safety of the animals. I’m so glad we chose this place. Other animal cafes in Tokyo have bad ratings based on the treatment of the animals by the owners (shockingly) and being over crowded with people. This is not the case at Akiba Fukurou. We walked out so excited we had the chance to experience this. Remember to make reservations a few days in advance. It’s an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime.
  • Once in a lifetime experience. My husband and I have been living in Japan for almost 5 years but will be moving back to America soon. We wanted to experience an Owl Cafe before we left and after looking at reviews, this place seemed like the best one. I wish we had come here sooner because this will be one of my fondest memories of Japan and would have been a great weekend stress reliever. There is a reason why Akiba Fukurou is so highly rated. The owls are obviously well taken care of and while you get to have an amazing hands on experience with them, the owners make sure that the owls are safe at all times. There is soft music playing and you have to whisper but it adds to the beauty of the entire experience. The selection of souvenirs and post cards available afterwards were so unique and they even printed a beautiful picture of us and laminated it. If I ever come back to Japan, I will be sure to visit this shop again. Thank you once more for the beautiful memories.
  • Excellent Experience!!! Well Worth it!  Visiting the Akiba Fukurou (Owl Cafe) in Akihabara, Japan was well worth it. This place brought a well worth experience to my Japan trip. The cafe was well maintained with TONS of different owls, the helpers were awesome, and the environment was super fun. The helpers at the cafe spoke English really well and made sure everyone at the cafe had a great time with taking lots of pictures of you and assisting you in holding the owl. For those who are planning to go, be sure to RESERVE online for a spot. This owl cafe gets booked really fast because it is so popular. The place was easy to find, as it it just 5 mins from the Akihabara station. Be sure to read the rules and pay attention to the helpers instruction when handling the owl or interacting with them. But overall, you will definitely have a great time and it will be well worth it.
  • A truly Japanese experience ! Akiba Fukurou is not-to-be-missed. Make your reservation, and you will be able to enjoy an hour of peace and tranquility with a room full of dozens of owls of every shape, size and color. The staff clearly takes great care of the animals, so you can feel very comfortable that you are not distressing them. The staff will allow you to hold two different owls of your choice. I only held one though, because I couldn’t bear to give my favorite little pigmy owl up. (Please say hi to “Ostrich” for me if you stop in).
  • Best experience! This is a must-visit. Staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The owls were super cute, you get to hold 2 of them during the session. There are English information booklets and the staff understand English pretty well, so that was a relief for us. The owls were extremely well cared-for, with plenty of breaks for them to rest. The staff are aware of the owls’ personalities, giving them to best care possible. All in all a very pleasant experience and would definitely visit again in the future.
  • Amazing close encounter with owls in a tranquil environment! My family of four enjoyed our time here. I booked it directly through their website. The direction instructions from the owner through email with pictures made it easy to get to the shop. It was about less than 5 min walk from the akihabara subway station. The shop is very, very clean and very tranquil. Amazing owls selections and you get to hold two different owls of your liking. I would recommend making your choice early as you get about 45 minutes in there. We received a group photo plus three individuals pictures with each of us hold our owls free of charge. I felt very relaxed and calm. The owls take turns getting rest time which mean you do not get to hold them when they are resting at that hour. With the limited number of people per hour, I don’t feel rushed or crowded. My daughter 11 yrs old and son,13 yrs old really enjoyed the owl encounter. I definitely would recommend a visit to Akiba Fukurou.
  • Incredible experience!  This was my first time in this type of cafe and I loved every second of it. The staff was very helpful and kind, and the owls were all absolutely beautiful. There were many different varieties of owls to see as well. Upon entering the cafe, we were seated and the staff explained the rules to us before we were free to wander about the cafe to see the owls. Some we could touch, some we couldn’t. We could pick two owls to look at more closely and have on our arm, and the staff took a photo of us with one of them, which they them handed out to us as a laminated photo before leaving, and for free! 🙂 All in all, it was a fun and lovely experience and ai definitely recommend Akiba Fukurou to anyone visiting Tokyo!
  • Owlmazing! We had an incredible time! We went straight from the airport to Akiba Fukurou and it was certainly worth prioritizing on our list of Tokyo adventures. 10/10 would owl again.
  • Thank you so much for an amazing time yesterday. I hope to visit again soon! Give Mr. Yamashita a kiss for me.
  • The hour goes by pretty quickly – there are so many owls to look at and pet! When your time is up, you’ll gather in the main room and the employees will thank everyone and hand out a laminated photo/postcard of you with the first owl. I thought this was a really nice and friendly gesture! The people who run Akiba Fukurou really know how to make guests feel welcome and create an atmosphere that’s comfortable for both humans and owls. ※blog
  • Inside, Akiba Fukurou feels a bit like the set of a Celine Dion music video: lots of gossamer white drapes and sconces that wouldn’t be out of place in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir.Once the actual petting starts, though, and everyone realizes owl feathers are as soft as an angel’s pillow, the designer water goes largely untouched.Even without the option to buy food,or coffee, or anything else beyond the water,there is one item available to take away: The souvenir photo snapped by the in-house photographer, the perfect laminated keepsake from the strangest, most adorable hour of your life. ※website
  • We made a reservation for one hour, so during that hour they only allow about 4-5 couples inside. Basically, you walk in and there’s really soft lighting and soft music playing and there’s just all these owls sitting around. After you learn a bit about the owls and the rules for handling them, you can pet and hold any of the owls except the biggest one. It was so cool to get to hold them. I took lots of pictures! They even took a nice professional picture of me and Kei together, each holding an owl. It was totally the perfect date spot and the owls were unbearably cute!
  • I went to Akiba Fukurou this past week and while it didn’t serve food like other cafes, it served one of the best and most fun experiences I’ve had! I think it was decorated very nice, the lights were dim, relaxing classical music and nothing loud or bright in sight. My favorite owl is the Barn Owl. His name was Shirasu and I had so much fun holding him. He really loved the camera and flew on top of it which seems like something he does a lot!I really liked how big and small all the owls were. At the end we said our goodbyes and were given a really lovely free gift (laminated picture and a hand warmer), the perfect keepsake. They do sell out fast.※blog

Owl Cafe Reviews from Australia

  • Memorable experience. I was quite skeptical about attending an owl cafe in terms of handling wild animals. However the handlers of this cafe made the experience incredibly special and respectful. The owls are well cared for and protected throughout the experience with gentle reminders by the handlers about them. They are beautiful creatures and certainly command attention in the calm white room. The handler really showed attention to detail by commenting on the owls – almost like owl whisperer! Well behaved respectful children who take guidance should be able to attend without a problem. Owls are not cats and should not be scratched or patted. In terms of booking I recommend being patient and book a couple of days in advance (low travel season) on their website the details are available.
  • Respectful owl cafe. The atmosphere of the cafe was really quiet and soothing; quiet classical opera music played in the background and we were told to be very quiet and gentle whilst interacting with the owls, which was really reassuring in light of negative media on unethical owl cafes that play loud music or movies in the background. The staff were wonderful and polite, and really went above and beyond in catering to our interactions with the owls and taking photos of everyone. The owls themselves were extremely cute and appeared to be treated with utmost respect by the staff who were always on hand to make sure customers were handling them correctly. In most cases, the owls can only be touched once or twice with a single finger to the forehead (they’re not cats!), and you can ask to pick up 2 owls at most. It may not satisfy the innate urge to touch, cuddle, and pet the owls, but personally I loved how the cafe seemed to go further than others to respect these animals, especially after hearing the owner takes them home each night to personally care for them. Definitely worth a visit, and would love to go again if I’m ever again in Tokyo!
  • Great! The owls were so cute, and the people were really helpful. They treated the owls well and respectfully. The instructions they provided for how we should conduct ourselves around the owls was also extremely useful. It was also really nice that they gave us a picture at the end! Definitely come here if you are ever in the area!!
  • Sooo worth it ! If you are around tokyo and if you are curious about owls, well you HAVE to go there ! This place is so peacefull. You forgot about averything and you enjoy this precious time with owls. The staff is lovely and the owls are amazing and well taken care of ! Love this place !
  • The owners of the Owl Cafe say it’s about relaxation. In a world where people can get easily stressed and have busy hectic lives, this is supposed to be a bit of an escape. “We think owls can heal our tired hearts like a therapy,” they say. So it’s about “healing entertainment” apparently and I can see that to a certain degree.
  • Hi team, Thank you so much for a wonderful experience!! you have absolutely made our time in Japan incredible!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Austria

  • Strongly recommended!! Had a great time there!! Making reservation is needed! The hosts are very nice. It’s a very special experience! Will visit again in the future!!
  • Very serene and calming experience. We arrived shortly before our reservation and were given instructions in English before we were introduced to the owls. We had plenty of time to take pictures and engage with the owls. The staff was nice and friendly and we had a great time! Very well recommended and they seem to take very good care of the owls!
  • Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience. We felt refreshed and energized when we left, despite the rain! We loved spending time with your beautiful owls. Thank you again for an experience we will never forget.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Bangladesh

  • Amazing experience up close with owls. Visited this location outside of Tokyo after booking online. Small groups are admitted for a 45min session, during which you can observe, pet, and hold many different types of owls in a tranquil setting. We’re approximately 25 owls during our visit, that all looked healthy and well cared for. Owls had all been hand raised and we’re comfortable around people. Staff were friendly, spoke some English, and had English guides and info available. Very unique experience and one of the highlights of our trip.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Belgium

  • Great Experience for family and friends! We just visited Akiba Fukurou today with my family and we have to say we loved our experience there. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They provided us a guide explaining how the experience will work and some faq on owls in general. The owls were beautiful and you get to have them kn your hand with the assistance from the staff. There are so many owls rom various size. We would love to come back again if we come to visit Japan in the future. A must see and experience if you coming to Tokyo Japan.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Brazil

  • Uma das melhores experiências em Tokyo! Nós havíamos ouvido que era muito bom conhecer esse lugar, mas não sabia que seria tão incrível. Acho que o que permite isso, é a equipe que cuida delas. Eles te dão um guia para ler, e conhecer as regras, que são bem rígidas e precisam ser seguidas para segurança das corujas e das pessoas. Você vê que são corujas muito bem cuidadas, e que a equipe conhece bem cada uma, e as tratam muito bem. Você pode segurar a coruja no seu braço ou no seu ombro, e é incrível vê-las de perto. Foi uma das melhores experiências que tivemos em Tokyo. Eu com certeza irei de novo quando voltar ao Japão.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Bulgaria

  • Very Interesting experience! The cafe was very cosy and clean, the owls well taken care of, the instructions on how to handle them were very clear, and the workers very polite, knowledgeable, and had competent English. The owls were very well behaved and very very cute! The location is in a small alley (not dangerous), which may be hard to find. I recommend using Google maps.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Canada

  • Highlight of Akihabara! The experience was amazing, this is a MUST to visit. The atmosphere and room was very peaceful, and the staff were very friendly. The owls were so cute, and we were able to take plenty of photos. We were all able to hold owls, and one even climbed up on my head! The best experience in Japan so far. 10/10
  • An oase of quietness in busy Tokio . I was very excited to go to the owl café and it fulfilled my expectations. In a beautiful interior, you are welcomed by the friendly hosts. The owls are treated very kindly. We chose Peanuts and Spring Onion to keep us company. I would recommend this experience to everyone who needs an hour of silence and peace with an intriguing animal on your side. Thanks for the printed pictures!
  • Such a lovely experience! The staff makes sure that the owls are comfortable and that the visitors are respectful, and that was very important to us as we’ve seen a lot of sad looking animals in other themed cafes. I held Kabuki and Pot Sticker and my husband held Mr President and Ms Yoshinoya and they were all so different and so beautiful up close. That hour flew by, and we walked out so happy and relaxed and with two laminated pictures in hand of us holding the owls. Thanks Alina Fukurou for a really memorable visit!!!

Owl Cafe Reviews from China

  • This place is amazing! My expectations coming here were quite low. But I have to say this place is fantastic! There is such a variety of owls and it was really interesting to hear about them and their daily lives. We went to a different owl cafe in Kyoto where we felt like the owls were not treated very well, but we had no such feelings about this place. The photo opportunities here are amazing. Would recommend to anyone. Book at least a few days ahead.
  • Akiba Fukurou is good! Akiba Fukurou’s owl all so cute,we very enjoy the time in Akiba Fukurou.I think it is the good experience in my Tokyo travel.I will come back next time.
  • Amazing, Unforgetable experience!!!!!! 第一次來東京探訪貓頭鷹, Akiba Fukurou 一間非常好的地方, 有多種好可愛的貓頭鷹, 地方整潔, 服務人員好專業, 令我有一個非常開心及難忘的體驗 , 我一定會推薦給朋友, 我亦會再來的! Thank you so much !
  • Thanks for hosting the meeting with those adorable owls last night. Kids and I had a wonderful time with you guys.This is definitely the best experience in our Japan trip. Thank you very much. Hopefully we can visit these cut owls in the near future.
  • Thank you for the hospitality and introducing the lovely owl friends. We had a very good time there.!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Denmark

  • Kan varmt anbefales! Gæstfrie værter og god tid med de mange forskellige typer ugler gjorde det til et godt og anbefalelsesværdigt besøg
  • Thank you for your welcome. It was a so cute experience. You were so toughtful and my daughters and I were very happy to live this moment with you.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Finland

  • Exceptional Owl Experience! I had mixed feelings about going to an owl cafe, but Akiba Fukurou provided a very fun and peaceful experience. I hope other owl places in Japan do as good job as here. Am worried about the popularity of the concept. The atmosphere was very calm and the owls seemed like they were in a low stress or no stress environment. The hosts were knowledgeable and kind.
  • Great Owl Cafe! My mother and I visited this owl cafe and we’re very impressed by how well maintained it is. The staff is knowledgeable about owls and clearly do their best to care for them. You are given enough time to bond with their owls while also getting a great tutorial and picture by the end of your visit. I visited Owl village in Harajuku afterwards and was appalled by the sad living conditions and tight quarters. If you’re going to visit an owl cafe, this place is highly recommended.

Owl Cafe Reviews from France

  • Ce fut un incroyable moment, le personnel est super et parle parfaitement Anglais, les animaux sont respectés, je recommande vraiment cet endroit si vous aimez les animaux. Je remercie encore une fois tout le staff de l’établissement, en prime vous aurez une petite photo souvenir à la fin 😉 
  • Nous avons passé un très bon moment et en très bonne compagnie des nombreux hiboux et chouettes se trouvant dans ce local. Une heure à partager avec un animal craintif mais tellement adorable. Le personnel est au petit soin et surtout nous constatons facilement que ces personnes sont très proches de leurs hiboux/chouettes. D’ailleurs, nous pouvons choisir maximum deux hiboux dans l’heure avec qui nous souhaitons passer un moment ! Excellent ! De plus, avant de partir, le personnel donne à chacun une photo souvenir de grande qualité (plastifiée) de vous avec un des hiboux choisis. Super !
  • Un peu de calme dans la ville de Tokyo, c’est très agréable !! Dans le quartier d’Akihabara (quartier électronique), cette évasion nous fait du bien. Les volatiles ont l’air d’être très bien choyé et comme les jours d’ouverture ne sont que du mercredi au samedi, on se dit que les autres jours, ils ont du repos. Tout est bien expliqué, il ne faut pas les prendre nous-mêmes, c’est eux qui nous les posent sur notre bras. Ceux qui se reposent ont une pastille rose et on ne doit donc pas les toucher. Gestes doux, pas de bruit excessif, cela est bien pour eux comme pour nous. Une heure passe vite mais en même temps, c’est pile poil le temps qu’il faut pour en profiter. Nous avons passé un excellent moment !! Par contre, il vaut mieux réserver à l’avance (24h au moins je dirais) pour avoir la plage horaire qui vous plaît (ouverture 12h00-17h00)
  • J’ai vraiment passé un bon moment parmis les nombreux hiboux présent ! Ils sont très bien traités, le staff veille à ce qu’on les respecte et qu’on ne les stresse pas. Les hiboux alternent leur pause. Et en plus on a le droit à une photo souvenir ! Je recommande sans hésiter.
  • Très chouette moment vécu en famille. Après l’effervescence de Akiba, vrai moment de magie, de calme et de sérénité avec de magnifiques hiboux et chouettes. Très bel expérience pour tous et très bel accueil reçu.
  • Ce fut une expérience incroyable. Les hibou sont presque tous réveiller, on peut les porter et les caresser et le staff est vraiment sympa. Je recommande de tester ça une fois. On est ressorti avec de beau souvenirs.
  • Ce fut une expérience incroyable. Les hibou sont presque tous réveiller, on peut les porter et les caresser et le staff est vraiment sympa. Je recommande de tester ça une fois. On est ressorti avec de beau souvenirs.
  • Super accueil ! Le personnel est gentil, professionnel, l’endroit propre et les animaux sont bien traités. Moment reposant avec musique classique. Expérience originale. On repart avec une photo souvenir.
  • Thanks you so so much. It was such a dream ❤️❤️❤️❤️ So far your café was among our best outings in Japan Thank you again!
  • Thank you for the photo but also thank you so much for this wonderful expérience. Be sure that the next time we pass by Tokyo we will stop at your café.It was perfect, Thanks for all.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Germany

  • Awesome! Wir hatten eine großartige Zeit! Obwohl die location zuerst von außen nicht sehr einladend wirkte, war das Innere des Raums sehr liebevoll eingerichtet. Es hatte eine angenehme Atmosphäre. Es gab so viele verschiedene Eulen. Alle waren sehr niedlich. (^∇^) Die 45 Minuten gingen leider sehr schnell vorbei. Ich fand es toll, dass das Personal so einfühlsam auf die Tiere eingegangen ist und sie so auch ihre Ruhe hatten.
  • Von süß bis majestätisch alles dabei*_* eine einweisung in englisch ist kein problem. kurz nach dem eintreten kann man sich für eine eule entscheiden. diese darf man dann für den restlichen aufenthalt je nach größe auf hand, arm oder schulter tragen. dabei ist wirklich für jeden geschmack etwas dabei. von supersüß bis majestätisch findet jeder was er sucht. die crew vor ort ist freundlich und hilfsbereit und als geschenk gibt es am ende einen schnappschuss mit der gewählten eule. wer weitere souveniere möchte kann am ende im shop zwischen karten, puzzles und anderen spielereien wählen. alles in allem eine wirklich schöne erfahrung die ich nur weiterempfehlen kann 🙂
  • Einmaliges Erlebnis! Es gibt viele unterschiedliche Eulen von niedlichen Käuzchen bis zum Uhu ist alles dabei. Nach einer kurzen Einweisung (Englisch oder Japanisch) kann man sich für eine Eule entscheiden, die dann für den Rest des Aufenthalts auf der Hand oder der Schulter getragen werden kann. Ruhige angenehme Atmosphäre, das Personal kümmert sich liebevoll um die Tiere.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Holland

  • Meditation with the Owls!  Lovely owls and friendly staffs. Must see for animals lovers!! Since no one should talk loudly in the premise, it is like a 45 mins meditation with the owls. Super cool.
  • Thanks very much! We had an amazing time. The staff was fantastic and the animals seem to be treated very well.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Hong Kong

  • Very Cozy & Adorable Owls. Visiting Owls cafe is one thing I wanted to do for a long time and I am so happy that I finally get to meet them! This place is so cozy with a variety of owls around you. Big or small, they all are so adorable! they have a booklet of how to take care of the owls while you were inside and some FAQ to help you learn more about the owls. I got one of the owl Kuppi on my shoulder and it kept talking to me, it’s just too cute! The staffs are so nice, friendly, knowledgeable, very professional and experienced! The owls are all taken care of very well and they believe super nice. They also give every guest a complimentary photos before you leave. I have had an amazing experience here. 45 mins is just not enough. Hahaha! They speak English very well, no not worried about miscommunication! Love it~
  • Amazing Experience in Tokyo!  I came to Akiba Fukurou with my friends. It was our first time to play with owls. The guides in the cafe were so professional as they explained every single details clearly before we approached the owls. We had a great moment in the cafe.
  • An Awesome Experience. It is definitely worth to give Akiba Fukurou a go if you are a fan of owls. Even it is not as spacious as I originally thought, it is a very clean and cozy place where there are tens of owls in various species and sizes. The staffs were very nice who encouraged me to put an owl on my arm just like what everyone else did. Overall speaking, it was a very pleasant experience and we highly recommend this place to those who would like to try something special in Tokyo.
  • Unreal experience! The owl cafe was one of the most unique experience I had when visiting Tokyo. I went in with absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into and it was unreal. We were allowed to hold as many owls as we wanted, touch them, take pictures, they even went on my head! It was an awesome hidden gem within Tokyo!
  • Thanks for the invitation to visit your shop! You gave me a great memory for my first trip at Japan! Hope I will come again in future, and will introduce friends to come!!

Owl Cafe Reviews from India

  • تجربة ممتازة  من أجمل و أغرب اماكن مدينة طوكيو. تجربة ممتازة و يجب الحجز مسبقا عن طريق الموقع الالكتروني. يوجد وقت محدد للزيارة
  • Super cute & respectful owl experience! Our hour with the owls was very charming! It was very well organized from arrival to departure (with our laminated keepsake group photo). We were very happy to see how respected and cared for the owls were, they definitely know each owls’ personality and limits and put their well-being first.
  • I absolutely loved my visit to Akiba Fukuro! It was one of the highlights of my trip to Tokyo. The owls were amazing and it was a truly unique experience being able to interact with them. Kuppi was my favourite! Thank you so much – it was incredible!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Indonesia

  • Enchanting Experience. After a full day in Tokyo, nothing could have been better than the time we spent at Akiba Fukurou. Just seeing the owls sitting quietly on their perches waiting for us to visit with them was so awesome. The quiet and cozy room added to the ambience. The owls were all so beautiful and were treated with great respect. This was truly a once in a lifetime experience. It was indeed an enchanting experience that we will never forget. Whenever we look at our photos, we cannot help but smile – this was indeed the highlight of our trip. Thank you Okra, Kuppi, Charles Xavier and Mr. Satoshi for bringing us much joy.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Italy

  • Un’ora magnifica! Locale pulito e ben curato. Viene fornita una breve spiegazione iniziale e poi per 45 minuti si può girare liberamente per guardare i 34 gufi, toccarli (solo quelli che non riposano, ed è chiaramente indicato da un cartello) e fare foto. Inoltre si ha la possibilità di prenderne 2 sul braccio, per un tempo limitato, e di avere una foto ricordo gratuita scattata dallo staff. I gufi sono tutti tranquilli e abituati al contatto con la gente. Bellissima esperienza!
  • ESPERIENZA FANTASTICA!!! Se desiderate passare un ora di totale relax in compagnia di questi animali bellissimi, questo è il posto che fa per voi. È necessario prenotare dal loro sito in quanto si entra in gruppi ristretti (10/12 persone), sia il sito che il personale parla inglese quindi nessun problema dal punto di vista linguistico. Basta seguire poche semplici regole e sarà possibile fotografare, toccare e tenere sul braccio alcuni tra questi volatili.  CONSIGLIATO
  • Thank you so much Akiba Fukurou! I will recommend your cafe to all my friends! Such nice owls and professional staff! 🙂 more power to your cafe!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Kazakhstan

  • Gentle, lovely owls and professional, pleasant staff! The cafe was situated in a quant area of akihabara, and was very cosy and comfortable. The owls were gentle and lovely, and were never rough. The overall experience of the owl cafe was amazing owing to the kind and beautiful owls as well as the highly professional and polite staff. Highly recommended!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Korea

  • 정말 좋았습니다.  부엉이카페는 처음이라 어떤 느낌일지 몰랐는데, 정말 재미있고 귀엽고 사랑스러운 시간이었습니다. 전체적으로 부엉이들을 많이 신경쓰고 있는 듯한 모습이어서 보는 저도 편했습니다. 아기 부엉이 세상에서 제일 귀여웠습니다(엉엉) 부엉이 울음소리 아주 많이 귀여워!!
  • 올빼미와 교감할 수 있는 최고의 경험!! 인생에 한번쯤은 해보고 싶었는데 만족해요 사실 가기 전에 어떤 올빼미 카페들은 위생상태도 좋지 않고 올빼미들을 너무 힘들게 하는 경우가 있다고 해서 매우 걱정을 했어요. 그런데 아키바 후쿠로는 아주 고즈넉한 주택가에 있는데다가 운영하시는 분들이 정말 침착하게 안내해주시고 체계적이어서 아주 만족스러웠어요. 아가 올빼미부터 거대한 올빼미까지 편안하게 쉬면서 최대한 사람들과 스트레스 받지 않게 교감하는 시간을 가지게 해주었습니다. 사진도 이쁘게 잘 찍어주시고 영어버전, 일본어 버전 안내도 잘 해주셔서 만족스러운 시간을 보낼 수 있었어요. 일본 여행에서 가장 큰 추억을 남겨주셔서 감사합니다^^

Owl Cafe Reviews from Macao

  • Miss the lovely owls soooo much!  It was my first time to visit Akiba Fukurou and play with owls. There are lots of owls and all are very lovely. Staff are professional with fluent English. They will also help to put the owls on our hands and take photos with them. I especially love the little cute owl called Kuppi, I put its photo on my desk and hoping to see it next time. We also buy some souvenirs before leaving. It is the most memorable experience during my whole trip, I will definitely visit Akiba Fukurou again!
  • OMG such a prefect and professional service!!! I will definitely come again please keep going Kawaii staffs and fukuro chan!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Malaysia

  • Amazing Experience with these Beautiful Creatures.  I knew Japan had a plethora of animals cafes, but I was over the moon excited to learn they had an owl cafe! First and foremost, the employees care about all the owls and the business puts on emphasis on their well-being. When my boyfriend and I went, we were given a notebook that gave very clear instructions on how to handle the owls as well as a ton of FAQ in regards to owls in general. When going in, I was happy to see they were in a very quiet environment and that they give their owls a break from human contact by putting up a sign not to touch them. While their were a few cuties that had the “on break” sign that would have been fun to interact with, I appreciate that they didn’t force the owls to be touched all day and thankfully there’s so many types of owls to choose from regardless. They allow you to hold two owls during your visit, however, you can give little pats on the heads to as many as you like. What was really neat is they take photos for you when you’re with the owls and my boyfriend and I left with a really cute souvenir photo to remember our visit 🙂 The employees were incredibly kind and seemed to have a strong connection with all the owls. I just so happened to pick a very active barn owl for one of my owls during my visit and the employee kindly informed me to hold onto the leash tight and don’t be alarmed if the owl is more fussy than others. The employee’s tips and knowledge made me feel comfortable throughout my visit and I felt more confident handling the owls. The only recommendation I have is for those who intend to bring small children. Owls are extremely sensitive to movement and sound and children who can’t manage themselves will frighten the owls. Definitely wait to bring your children if they’re unable to control themselves or can’t stand being quiet for an hour. Other than that, this way truly an amazing experience and if you’re looking for an owl cafe in Japan, definitely make a reservation with Akiba Fukurou.
  • Incredible Experience! Akiba Fukurou is a must-do when in Tokyo. The entire experience was an amazing one and one of my favorite things in Tokyo. The handlers/staff are all very friendly and sincere and have created a very soothing and relaxed space. It’s easy to see the owls are healthy and well taken care of. Make sure you make a reservation online; instructions are on their website.

Owl Cafe Reviews from New Zealand

  • ‘Owl’ visit again, definitely!  An Owl cafe.. I heard about it, but had no clue what to expect as far as atmosphere and what im getting for my money, nor was it a huge concern. I was in Tokyo, about to walk in to an Owl Cafe! A few people were there before me patiently and quietly waiting, as we were instructed to keep the volume of our voices down. Up until then, I didn’t know much about these mysterious creatures, besides they can spin their heads like the exorcist. We were given a book all about owls, their habits, what to expect. Everyone asked questions, listened to the rules and it was time to enter. Upon entering, very slow and quiet, we discarded our belongings (jackets, bags, etc..) to be picked up before leaving. Now the fun begins. The room was well lit, to my surprise. I thought Owls were creatures of the night. Some were perched on the same stand, close to one another. Some were high up perched alone, together. There were small owls, medium sized owls, large owls and one HUGE fella! Everyone was allowed one owl to hold, or was it two? No matter, I had eyes for only one. He threw up a ball of bones, but not on me, we had a mutual respect instantly. He also had a bowel movement while on my shoulder and didn’t get a drop on me. My man! ✊ Ok, I dont want i get too sidetracked, I’m reliving the experience now, I want to go back.  Also a small gift shop. Definitely buy the photo package, or at least some cards. Last but not least the staff was amazing, none of this would be possible without then and their great respect for these wonderful, majestic birds and the knowledge they had about each and every one of them, individually. Thanks guys! Hope to return sooner than later…
  • Great experience! I was a bit apprehensive about booking as I love owls, and was concerned for their welfare in this sort of environment. However, the owls were treated with utmost respect and were all hand-reared and accustomed to human contact. I really liked how friendly but firm the staff were to ensure that the owls were not distressed. I also obviously really enjoyed holding and touching some owls. The staff took photos and everyone received a printed photo which was quite a nice little souvenir. There are many owl cafes in Tokyo but I’m glad I visited this one.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Norway

  • Thank you so much! That means a lot to me. I’ve had two wonderful visits at Akiba Fukurou. Thank you for giving people the opportunity to meet and greet nice and well-kept owls in such a lovely and peaceful way. I love owls, and to meet them and touch them have been a wish I’ve had for a long time. So thanks for making it possible 🙂 I will be back next time I visit Japan, for sure! Greetings to the owls, especially Cherry Tomato and Sweet Potato. Ittekimasu!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Philippines

  • A must do in Tokyo! This little owl cafe was a real treat for us on our recent vacation in Tokyo! Use Google maps and type in Akiba Fukurou to navigate your way there from the Akihabara train station 🙂 The 2 employees were so very kind, spoke English well (which was very appreciated since understanding the rules is so important), and were patient with all of us inside the cafe. I brought my (well-behaved) twin 10 year old daughters, and they were so sweet to them! It is required to be calm and quiet inside in order to not stress the owls. So, don’t go if you have anyone in your party who is unable to do so. 🙂 There are so many gorgeous owls, and they all have amazing names!! I got to hold “Charles Xavier”, my daughters each got a turn with “Sweet Potato”, one also held “Whitebait” who decided she preferred my daughters head over her shoulder and my husband held “Spring Onion” who looked super tough, but absolutely beautiful! They took a family photo of us holding our owls, and even gave us really lovely laminated cards of them! I absolutely recommend this amazing cafe. I am a huge bleeding heart for animals, and you could tell these owls were very well cared for and respected!! Out in the busy street area of Akihabara there was a woman with an owl on her arm yelling about another cafe and letting anyone touch the owl. I didn’t like that one bit, as it was such a stark difference to the quiet and care they gave the owls at Akiba Fukurou! Go and enjoy!!!! Make sure you’re on time 🙂

Owl Cafe Reviews from Poland

  • Our family visited this cafe during our stay in Tokyo and we loved it! When we arrived, we seated ourselves on the stools outside the cafe while we waited for our appointment time to come up. (Note that you must make an appointment in advance in order to get in— it’s really popular!) There were signs reminding guests to stay quiet (to avoid disturbing the owls) and also a little booklet with info about owls in general as well as specific fun facts about their resident owls. When we went inside, it was magical! The cafe was divided into two rooms with lots of tables and chairs. Classical music played softly in the background and at least a dozen owls of all shapes and sizes were resting peacefully on their perches. We were taught how to handle the owls (approaching/holding/petting them, keeping the big owls away from small ones, etc.) and got to take many photos with them. The cafe also gave us each an owl to hold and took group photos which they printed, laminated, and gave to us as souvenirs. What we were most impressed by was how well cared-for the owls are. This was especially important for us since we had heard stories about animals in these types of establishments being neglected/mistreated. But here, you can tell the cafe staff love them a lot and care about the owls’ well being. There are very clear signs above each owl listing their names, weight, whether they like to be pet, and notices of which ones should be left alone to rest. They’re also very comfortable whenever the staff approach them. One of the owls I was holding got fidgety and a staff member informed me that Mr. Owl was restless because he wanted to go back to his perch. So we let him go and he flew happily back up. The staff are very in tune with their owls and we liked that a lot. Definitely worth it to stop by this cafe and visit the sweet little and big owls here. 🙂
  • Lovely and relaxing. This was a lovely little owl cafe to visit. It is very peaceful and quiet and the birds seem quite used to being handled. The staff are professional and very helpful. All you need do is ask one of them to help you with a bird and if you are a bit timid, they will come up and encourage you to handle an owl. We had a lovely time doing something so unusual. The birds are obviously well cared for by a committed staff.
  • Fairly close to the station, it is not located on the main akihabara thoroughfare so follow directions. Reservations are required and we paid by cash at the door. The location was small but cozy. The owls seemed relaxed and they were handled with care. They all looked nice and varied greatly in size. The staff was very helpful. I was given two laminated cards with photos taken by the staff at the end. I would recommend the experience.

Owl Cafe Reviews from Russia

  • Веселый совятник! Дом сов в Акихабаре невероятно забавное место. Совы милые и смешные, их можно гладить, сажать на голову. Отдельное удовольствие – делать с ними селфи, они очень смешно позируют. 45 минут хватает, чтобы выбрать себе пару сов для более близкого общения))) Очень рекомендую!
  • Very nice!  It was really GREAT! Owls are so nice, friendly, clear and beautiful! They are so amazing creatures! The owners are very friendly too! It was the best hour in my life :)) Thanks a lot! We will return!
  • a must-do in tokyo!  we really enjoyed our visit to akiba fukurou. if you are looking for an unusual and enchanting experience in tokyo, this is certainly one of them! it was wonderful to observe these beautiful birds up close and personal – the staff were very knowledgeable and took great care handling each bird. highly recommend!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Singapore

  • Serene, Majestic Owls. We visited as a group of three and were impressed with the calm surroundings and gentle, caring staff. The owls were majestic and serene and it was a real pleasure to mingle with them. The staff are very knowledgeable and in tune with the individual needs and personalities of each owl so that the overall impression is that although the owls are captive, they are very well looked after and appear to be quite happy. The whole process of our visit was smooth and trouble free, from booking on line to our actual hour long session. Congratulations on an exceptionally well run experience.
  • Worth it! Each hour is fully reserved and limited number of guests to ensure that all guests are able to interact with the owls. The owls there are really adorable! They also took photos and printed one copy for us! Thank you for the warm service!
  • Rare experience with animals you don’t usually come across. The staff gave out clear instructions and were helpful with taking photos and giving you heads up about specific owls and their traits. I felt they did a good job attending to everyone’s needs given there were only two of them. As a bonus we also received a photo each towards to end. Highly recommend this to any one visiting Tokyo.
  • Worth it’s weight in gold! Definitely a great experience! Such a clean & very relaxing owl cafe! One might be a little apprehensive about how they take care of the owls, but no worries. You will surely smile during and long after the experience. Thanks for such a great time!
  • A unique and wonderful experience! We loved our time at Akiba Fukurou! It is a lovely and welcoming room. The staff were very friendly and you can see that they care very much about the well-being of the owls. They will explain to you up front how to behave in order to ensure that the owls are not stressed. There are quite a few owls in the room of different types and sizes and they are so much fun to see up close! It is such a unique experience. I can’t recommend it highly enough.
  • The biggest owl in this room is this owl from Osaka called Takoyaki. ※blog
  • Hello Akiba Owls, Thank you for the kind gesture. We wish you all the best and will definitely recommend your establishment to our friends in Singapore!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Spain

  • Nice experience! The place is nice decorated, clean and bright, so you can see all the owls comfortably, the owls are calm and you can choose two to hold. The managers are nice and well organized. They take pictures of you holding a owl and they give it to you at the end, this is really cool! It is not really a cafe, because you can´t drink anything, but the experience worth it, and the owls are cute and amazing! Good experience in Akihabara!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Sweden

  • Väldigt mysigt! helt underbart ställe! det första man märkte när man kom in var att det var så lugnt! så stillsamt! vackra ugglor i olika storlekar och sorter. rekommenderar starkt! liiiite synd att man knappt fick ta i dom, men förstår absolut varför. man fick ju i alla fall ha dem på armen!
  • Great!! They REALLY cared about the owls well-being which felt good since many of these animal cafes doesnt treat the animals they way they need. It was super fun!
  • Amazing experience! We had a lot of fun at the Akiba Fukurou today. The staff treated the owls with respect and in a friendly manner. Their instructions on how to correctly interact with the owls took into consideration their well-being and their happiness. I was very happy with the way they took photos of the guests and the birds, and the staff spoke English to make communication easier. The area was well kept and clean, it was an overall fantastic experience.
  • Superb experience for us! Although it is a tiny room, it still makes us feel comfortable. There are many types of owls annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd which are so adorable!!! The owls have a close relationship with the staffs, that’s good to see it. Visitors can pick up at most 2 owls during the time, so we can enjoy our own time with the lovely owls! Looking forward to visit Akiba Fukurou again in the future time!
  • Amazing experience! My husband and I loved our hour with the owls. There was only a group of 3 others there so lots of time with the owls. They took our picture and printed as a gift for us! So nice! The owls are super cute and it was amazing to see so many different kinds. They sell out quickly so make sure you book. Don’t miss this great experience!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Switzerland

  • We came in, directions for how to interact with the owls was very clear. Very friendly and helpful staff. You get to hold two owls during your hour stay. Owls that are to be left alone are clearly labeled as resting. You can take as many pictures as you want and they give you a free picture to remember your trip. It was honestly such a surreal and amazing experience. Very calm and quiet. Very relaxing and definitely recommend it. Book early. Slots fill up quick.
  • An extraordinary experience! Visiting the Akiba Fukurou owl cafe was truly memorable. The way it works is this: You have to book in advance on website, show up 10 mins before and wait outside the cafe, where you will receive instructions about how to behave towards the animals. At your scheduled time, you will be let in. The cafe is not big and as the allow in 12 visitors each hour, it will get a bit crowded. The owls are magnificent. They seem comfortable and well cared for. Some of them you are allowed to put on your arm (the staff will do it for you). Generally, you have enough time and space to get close to the animals. Our whole family simply loved it. My favorite owl was Sweet Potato.
  • Unforgettable experience!! Our time at Akiba Fukurou couldn’t be better! It was such an amazing experience! The place itself was a bit difficult to find (would be good to have some signs from the Main Street) but once you find the small street you see the pictures from Owls right away… you have some chairs outside where you can read all the rules, infos and curiosities about the owls while you wait for your booked time! Once inside, the place is a beautiful surprise…it’s divided in two very nice decorated rooms, low music and with two guides who will explain you how to behave with this beautiful animals! You leave your belongings on the entrance, clean your hands and enjoy the owls, taking them to your arm (as many you want – they have different characters and behave differently) and making pictures (without flash). Depending on the time of your booking, some owls will be not able to be touched it or taken on the arm because they need to rest from group before yours. Therefore my suggestion: book early and choose the first group of the day! You can enjoy the owls for 45min, which is enough time. In total they have around 30 owls, from little ones till big big ones! And they look all beautiful.. So in the end I really recommend Akiba Fukurou, it’s an experience you’ll never forget!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Taiwan

  • 日本畢旅之難忘回憶拼圖,  這是我第一次到日本,因為同學先前去過其他家貓頭鷹咖啡館,所以這次也安排讓我們體驗!在事前預約時,工作人員會再三確認我們是否參訪,並確認團員狀況;到現場時,親切的服務人員及溫馨的佈置環境深得我心,與貓頭鷹的近距離接觸以及合影更是有趣;其中一段小插曲是一隻貓頭鷹在同學的褲子上留下痕跡,工作人員也迅速處理,讓我們印象很好!如果下次有人想要關於日本的旅遊建議,我會邀請他們將貓頭鷹咖啡館納為選項之一!:)
  • 第一次到訪,很開心的一次體驗😍  預約方式清楚簡單,便於遊客提前預約(採完全預約制)每隻貓頭鷹都很有特色!真的是很特別的一次體驗!非常推薦去看可愛的貓頭鷹~
  • 服務很好 貓頭鷹們又超級可愛!! 環境很安靜、很舒服。 有著各式各樣的貓頭鷹,每一隻都很可愛也別有特色,服務人員們也都很親切。 我選的是小小的貓頭鷹,牠一直想要跳到我的肩膀上超可愛的!! 這次是因為畢業旅行的關係與同學們一同前往,如果下次還有機會去日本一定還會去造訪。
  • 超棒的體驗, 第一次跟貓頭鷹這麼近距離接觸,貓頭鷹都很乖,很可愛,只要遵守服務人員的解說,都很安全,服務人員很nice,絕對是值得的體驗,推薦到東京一定要體驗一下!
  • 想要再去看貓頭鷹❤ 店員解說很詳細,簡單的英文對話,溝通沒問題。貓頭鷹有約30幾隻,每一隻都有名牌~可以選一隻喜歡的來互動,每一隻的習慣都不同,店員都會協助安撫貓頭鷹,有的喜歡在肩膀有的喜歡在手臂上、調皮的還會爬到頭上去^_^,店員會一一幫客人拍照,而且在結束時把照片洗出來成明信片送給各位,真的很有紀念價值。推薦!!
  • 初訪 Akiba Fukurou, 看到貓頭鷹的瞬間,心都被融化了。可愛又美麗的貓頭鷹,讓人心情激動不已,很多的貓頭鷹各有美感,服務人員親切專業的指導,讓人可以與貓頭鷹有一段近距離的相處時光,非常值得再次造訪的店家。
  • 療癒人心, 採預約制所以人數控制的很好,不會有擁擠的情況產生,貓頭鷹們都很可愛,在你選擇貓頭鷹時,接待人員還會跟你說他們的特性,都不怕人,還會爬到你頭上,哈哈;)
  • 療癒系 值得再訪的體驗  預約制度,不會太擁擠,每個人都有自己的空間,接待人員也都很溫柔,貓頭鷹們超可愛的,種類多,貓頭鷹寶寶停在手上,腳微微的抓著,超萌,燈光柔美很適合拍美照,超棒的體驗,會再訪,下次要找這次休憩中,不同品種的貓頭鷹親密接觸
  • 貓頭鷹非常可愛!貓頭鷹很多隻,第一次體驗非常有趣,店員也很細心熱心引導我們,下次有機會還會再來,也會推薦朋友來體驗,非常好!
  • 很棒的貓頭鷹體驗,  雖然店內空間小小的,但因為有限制每個時段的人數,所以並不會感到擁擠,反而白色的裝潢、擺飾和店員親切的服務態度,讓人感到舒適溫馨。一進到店裡,左一看、又一看、上看、下看,到處都是貓頭鷹,處處是驚喜!原以為貓頭鷹都長得差不多,直到這次透過近距離的接觸,才發現原來牠們都很有自己的特色喔。最貼心的是,店家會主動幫每位來訪的客人拍下與貓頭鷹的合照,並在離開前贈送給客人,為這趟旅程留下紀念,真的很棒!非常推薦給喜歡貓頭鷹的人喔~
  • 讓我更加喜歡貓頭鷹了^ ^預約制度很便利,貼心的email提醒。現場貓頭鷹照顧員都很細心溫柔的指導大家接近貓頭鷹,環境布置得相當宜人,可以盡情與貓頭鷹合照,度過溫馨45分鐘,可以近距離的看到貓頭鷹眨眼,理毛真是太珍貴了。最後還送給我們紀念合照的明信片, 很開心! 希望下次有機會再來。
  • 與貓頭鷹相處的夢幻時光。 店家的環境優雅,是個能夠與可愛的貓頭鷹共享一個小時的夢幻時光,店家還會提供印製精美的貓頭鷹合照,下次如果還有機會,還會再去參觀。
  • 很有意思的体验! 我们一家四口来到这里。staff们很温柔,也很用心。因为我带了两个孩子,他们耐心地帮孩子们找想要的猫头鹰到她们的手臂上。我们第一次和猫头鹰近距离接触,好开心!非常值得来的地方!
  • 奇妙之旅! 秋叶原站下来后,很方便找,这是一次很不一样的体验,圆了朋友的梦,里面的店员也很nice,每一个人体验完还送明信片!猫头鹰们太可爱了。
  • 值得造訪的地方。一小群愛貓頭鷹的人 一小時內與貓頭鷹深度的交流 靜謐、喜悅、安逸的環境 離開時意猶未盡 期待再次拜訪。
  • We enjoy our day here very much! Thank you very very much! Great thanks for the photo! We love it very very much! We will surely come again! You guys are so nice and all the owls are so kawaii! Hope to see you again next time!
  • I love your professional service very.much ,it really impressive me and my family, we definitely will back again. Thanks!

Owl Cafe Reviews from Thailand

  • A truly memorable experience with owls!  The cafe is located along a small street near the JR Akihabara Station, and even though we were about 15 minutes early for our slot, there was already quite a number of people who were waiting in line to go in. We were given a binded book that provided lots of interesting information about owls in general as well as useful tips about how to handle owls to read while waiting. Before long, a couple of professional staff ushered us into the cafe. The staff gave a offered some friendly advice on how to approach the owls and we were then allowed to interact with the owls! The owls comprised a good range of sizes from small owls that could fit onto your hands to large owls that weigh up to 3 kg! We were allowed to handle (with some guidance from the staff) up to 2 owls of our choice, except for those which were resting. We were allowed to interact with the owls for about 40-45 minutes during the 1-hour slot, and the professional and friendly staff also took a set of photographs of the owls perching on our arms. At the end of the session, each customer was presented with one laminated photograph as a souvenir. Do take note that the cafe only accepts cash as payment and you would have to pay upfront before being seated. To sum it up, it was definitely a memorable experience as we had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the owls, and the pleasant and professional staff made sure we had an enjoyable time while we were at the cafe!

Owl Cafe Reviews from United Kingdom

  • Amazing experience. This was one of our top highlights when in Japan, celebrating our honeymoon. The cafe is well-located, so easy to get to. It is a very quiet serene experience, so you know the owls will not be stressed or frightened. They take that VERY seriously. The owls were so cute, and lovely – and you get to hold 2 of them within your booking, and take many photosgraphs! We absolutely loved the tiny miniature owls !!!
  • Brilliant experience! My husband and I went to Akiba Fukurou as a way to finish off our trip in Japan. I researched the owl cafes in Tokyo and settled on this one as it had the best reviews (with regards to the wellbeing of the owls) and we were not disappointed. No food or drinks, just an hour to fuss over the owls (quietly and slowly lol). The owls were relaxed, well looked after and the handlers knew each of their personalities (and enemies!). Instructions on handling the owls were clear and easy to understand. Plus side was that only a set amount of people were allowed inside so you got a real intimate experience. Just fyi bookings are only taken in advance (about two days when I booked via their website). Would whole heartedly recommend if you want a lovely experience with these beautiful creatures!
  • Thanks very much! We had an amazing time. The staff was fantastic and the animals seem to be treated very well.
  • Mozart is playing. I’m sipping San Pellegrino. My lunch date is sitting so close to me, he’s practically on my shoulder. Thankfully, my date is actually an owl. I enter the small cafe. Immediately I’m greeted with the strains of classical music . It’s all very zen, with everything painted in pastel colours and atomisers misting away to create a calm space. One of the guests tells me: “This is my second time coming here. It’s nice and calm and the owls are so cute. It’s nice to be able to pet them.” The owner tells me: “I chose to open an owl cafe because owls are very special. They make people smile. I trust the owls and they trust me. They are mainly from Japan, but some others are from London and Berlin. My favourite owl here is called Katsuo – the Japanese word for fish.” We’re given a laminated copy of the picture on leaving, with the phrase “special memories” branded across it. Special, yes. It’s definitely one of the more bizarre ways to spend a lunchtime, too.