Owl Cafe Story

Owl Cafe was our dream as a married couple. We both loved owls, and owned a number of owls already. These owls came from rescues and breeders.


Rather than the feeling of raising animals, it was natural to us to treat them like family. But as our feathered family grew from one owl, to two owls, to three, we wanted to have more time to devote to the owls. Owl care is very difficult, and intensive.


In order to have both work and dedicated care for the owls, we thought that opening an owl cafe was the way to go! We opened Owl Cafe Tokyo Akiba Fukurou on 2014.
At that time, the concept of an owl cafe was very unusual.

owl cafe tokyo japan

So we thought that rather than just 'a cafe that has owls in it', we thought to provide an 'Extraordinary and special experience'

We previous occupation was wedding planning and bridal photography and TV director.


I thought by combining my skills from those jobs and my enjoyment of Mozart and chandeliers, I could create a one-of-a-kind, marvelous space.
We hope you have a unique and comfortable time here.


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