Japan trip amazing experience - Owl Cafe Award History

Owl Cafe Tokyo - Award History

20201st Place
20191st Place
20182nd Place
20172nd Place
20168th Place

We were selected as first place in Japan for “Top Activities and Tours by International Travelers” in 2019 and 2020 for two years in a row.

owlcafe japan tokyo

We respect that animal spirit, have a deep understanding of every owl species and their ecology, and value the notion of animal welfare, a critical part of ethology.

On TripAdvisor, Top 30 Attractions in Japan by International Travelers


Travelers’ Choice

Travelers’ Choice

On TripAdvisor, the café was awarded Travelers’ Choice - the highest honor.

Owl Cafe Reviews

Google Maps4,300
Trip advisor3,688

This philosophy has been well-received and thus far we have welcomed 100,000 guests from over 90 countries. We have thousands of online reviews thanks to their support.

Owl cafe Akiba Fukurou is one of the most popular animal cafes in the world with the highest number of reviews.

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