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Akiba Fukurou has a full-time owl concierge.

What is Owl Concierge?

Apparently they love owls so much that they created their own profession!

They're a little strange people.


An owl concierge who lives with owls every day.

What is its true identity?

Owl Concierge Profile


AliasSleepy owl
BirthdayAugust 15, 19XX
BirthplaceGunma, Japan
QualificationsAnimal handling manager / Pet dog care manager / Nutritionist / Recreational caregiver / Abacus test level 2 / Non-life insurance agent
Work historyTv director / Elevator girl / School lunch
Favorite type of owlWhite-faced Scops Owl / Tawny Owl
Favorite owl gestureThe place where you tilt your head and look
HobbyOwl's funny face photo / Reading / Sleeping
Favorite bookLe Petit Prince
Favorite movieGhibli
Favorite tv showThe X-Files
Special skillFeeling like an owl / Sleeping standing up
I’m into…Snow Man
Favorite foodBaumkuchen / Sweet potatoes / Pocky
Favorite drinkJapanese tea
Favorite holiday timeClean your room and take a nap
favorite mangaSLAM DUNK / Sailor moon
Actually I…I wanted to be a voice actor
Surprised owl gestureLying down when relaxing
things to do with owlsSleep together
The trouble that the owl didMy favorite watch was covered in extremely smelly feces.
What is the best part of raising owls?That the owl feels safe and forgiving to me.


AliasCamera owl
BirthdayFeb. 9th, 19XX
BirthplaceKawasaki, Japan
QualificationsDog breeding manager / Animal handling manager / Food hygiene manager / Non-life insurance agent
Work historyWedding planner / Bridal photographer / Videographer / Restaurant management / Bartender / Sommelier
Favorite type of owlBarn owl / Rock eagle owl
Favorite owl gestureBefore relaxing, fold your wings and shake your head from side to side.
HobbyTaking care of owls / Video shooting & production
Favorite bookSapiens: A Brief History of Humankind / The Box
Favorite movieEyes Wide Shut / 2001: A Space Odyssey
Favorite tv showMAN vs. WILD
Special skillOwl maintenance / Owl condition improvement Owl maintenance / Foresight in choosing an owl / Improving the efficiency of repetitive tasks
I’m into…wife & owls
Favorite foodYakitori / Ramen / Hamburger
Favorite drinkWeizen beer
Favorite holiday timePlay with owls
favorite mangaJoJo's Bizarre Adventure / Fist of the North Star
Actually I…Naked outside of business hours
What I thought when I saw an owl for the first timeHow cute! I want to be your life partner
things to do with owlsDrink with owls and talk to people even when they ignore you.
The trouble that the owl didFour cameras were destroyed.
What is the best part of raising owls?Owls are mysterious, warm, and irreplaceable animals that make you feel at ease when you're with them.

Owl concierge introduction

An owl concierge is an owl consultant who lives with owls, cares for them every day, and entertains guests from all over the world.


They are owl butlers, and they are like secretaries for customers!

Owl concierge job


Daily work

  • Owl care and breeding management
  • Owl breeding consultation
  • Hospitality for guests from various countries
  • Owl beak and claw maintenance
  • Take your best shots
  • Cleaning of shop (5 hours a day)
  • Maintenance of breeding equipment
  • Play with the owl and sleep with it

Every day is full of owls!

I really like the fact that I've been living with an owl all my life.

Role of Owl Concierge

There is something that I have cherished ever since my husband and I opened our shop.

We want the owls to be able to spend their days peacefully, and for our guests to feel happy as well.


This may be a bit of an exaggeration, but after visiting the store,

It's nice to live, it's fun. Let's do our best again tomorrow!

I would be happy if you thought that way.

Even beginners at animal cafes are welcome.


Even if you are new to animal cafes, please feel free to visit us.

An owl concierge who spends time with owls every day will carefully support how to interact with each owl in a way that is tailored to each individual's characteristics and personality.

Because we spend every day together, it seems like we've learned a lot about each other.

If there are times when you don't understand something about owls


Please feel free to ask our concierge!


I'm sure they'll be happy and talk about owls.

We would like to continue to convey the cuteness and wonder of owls!


フクロウカフェ 東京

Owl concierge has a lot of owl friends, but since he only takes care of owls every day, he doesn't seem to have many hominin friends.

She seems to be aloof from the rest of the world, so she seems happy when you talk to her!

Private Session

Group Session

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