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Animal-assisted education that teaches “life”

What's happening to children now - "I hope they buy it again"
"Life" and "death" are two sides of the same coin. If you don't value a person's life while they're still alive, their death won't have much meaning.
If life and death are a series of events, and death is one that takes care of the gradual changes from life to old age and beyond that to death, then the weight of "life" can be conveyed to children. I am thinking.

Nonverbal communication

Interacting with owls is nonverbal communication, in which the owl communicates its intentions through means other than words, such as gestures, facial expressions, and posture.
Because they communicate with each other through means other than words, when children spend time with the owls, who at first glance appear to be expressionless, they look at the owls and try to understand their feelings.

Adults' attitudes and behavior serve as important role models when children judge the situation they find themselves in and the rightness or wrongness of their own actions.
The most important thing for animal-assisted education is for adults to always be aware that they are being imitated by children when interacting with children.
I believe that children will gradually come to respect the owl's heart, and that they will understand how important the interaction between humans and animals is.

Animal behavior and the reason for healing

If the small birds take off all at once, there is an enemy nearby, and if the small animals start running away, danger is approaching. etc., people can feel it without being taught by someone.
Contrary to these danger signals, I think humans were also receiving signals from the animals spending their time there that they felt safe.

Therefore, even in modern times, pets that sleep soundly and defenselessly feel the ultimate sense of security and relaxation.
I believe this is the essence of "healing".
Our hope and goal is for everyone to feel at ease when they see a happy owl.

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