A family of 40 owls, one of the largest in Japan | Owl Cafe Tokyo


From the world's smallest owl (60g) to the world's largest eagle owl (3kg), about 40 owls live in peace in Akiba Fukurou.

You can also come in contact with rare owls from all over the world that you can't even see at the zoo.


Akiba Fukurou Owls has beautiful birds with shiny feathers.

All of our owls are brimming with kindness from the love given to them by our guests.

Visit us to find a precious friend of your own.

A family of 40 owls


Trivia of the owl

  • There are about 300 types of owls in the world
  • About 50 types of owls can be bred in Japan as pets

Owl Fantasy illusion


Let's introduce everyone!

Barn Owl | Wizard

White Faced Scops Owl | Honeybee

Spectacled Owl | Gorilla


Striped Owl | Queen of Heart

Tawny Owl | Snowman


Rock Eagle Owl | Spring onion

Little Owl | Mr. Yamashita

Tropical Screech Owl | Squirrel

Pharaoh Eagle Owl | Orange sherbet

Burrowing Owl | Mr. Ostrich

Abyssinian Long Eared Owl | Last Samurai

Long Eared Owl | King Crimson

Barred Eagle Owl | Mr. President

Ferruginous Pygmy Owl | Shrimp

Spotted Little Owl | Sweet Potato

Abyssinian Long Eared Owl | Prince


Asian Barred Owlet | Cherry Tomato

Pallid Scops Owl | Mr. Satoshi

Western Screech Owl | Okra

Barn Owl | Whitebait

Eurasian Eagle Owl | Takoyaki

Brown Wood Owl | Sweet Roasted Chestnut

Long Eared Owl | Star Platinum


Ashy Faced Owl | Bonito

Black Banded Owl | Charles Xavier

Mottled Owl | Peanuts

Tropical Screech Owl | Potsticker

Boreal Owl | Aglio Olio e Peperoncino

Barn Owl | Monjya

Common Scops Owl | Register

Chaco Owl | Zebra

Southern Boobook | Kiwi

White Faced Scops Owl | Kuppi

Barn Owl | Cracker

Spotted Eagle Owl | Kabuki

Indian Scops Owl | Mozzarella cheese

Spotted Wood Owl | Arsène Lupin

Find your Owl friends!



Did you find your favorite owl?

If you have a favorite owl, ask the Owl Concierge! It will tell you in detail the character and characteristics of the owl.

Each owl is really different in size and personality!

Respecting the individuality of owls, I would like to continue to spend time with them.

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