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Owl Cafe Trailer Please see the trailer first! 【Tips】How to enjoy the owl cafe Please gather in front of the shop by 10 minutes before your reservation time. Owl Fantasy illusion Did you find your favorite owl? A family of 40 owls Greetings from the Owl Concierge If you have any questions, feel free to ask the Owl Concierge! Owl Concierge Profile Find new owly friends! We are looking forward to seeing you! Related article Related article Share


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I want to know the type of owl!! For such people, we have compiled a list of popular owls and owls from around the world. Owl Trivia There are about 300 types of owls around the world, from small species to large eagle owls! For each type of owl, we will describe the price, food, bark, characteristics, lifespan, etc. I hope it will be helpful for those who like owls! The person who wrote this article. Owl Concierge A breeder of about 40 owls.A couple who like owls.As an animal cafe, the operator of Akiba Fukurou, which has the highest number of reviews and high praise in the world.General handling of breeding such as feeding, maintenance, anklets, and perch production of owls.Owl breeding style: Avoid over-interference and respect individuality. Owl Cafe Tokyo | Reservation Click here to visit owl cafe Reservation Owls of the world - Pictorial book | Owl Cafe Japan Akiba Fukurou Tokyo First of all, from the popular owl Snowy Owl | Harry Potter Owl | Hedwig KindSnowy OwlScientific nameBubo scandiacusNyctea scandiacusPrice$ 6,000.00Classification動物界鳥綱フクロウ目フクロウ科シロフクロウ属DistributionWidely distributed around the Arctic CircleEcologyInhabits rocky Arctic tundraFoodLemming, mammalian, birds, Rabbit, Small animalsLifespan10 to 20 yearsOverall length50〜70cmWeight1.3〜3kgWingspan390〜460mmCallThe bark of the snowy owl Barn Owl KindBarn OwlAnimaliaTyto alba Below, in alphabetical order African Barred Owlet AFRICAN BARRED OWLET AFRICAN BARRED OWLET African Grass Owl African Long-eared Owl African Marsh Owl African Scops Owl African Wood Owl Akun Eagle Owl Albertine Owlet Amazonian Pygmy Owl American Barn Owl Andaman Barn Owl Andaman Hawk Owl Andaman Masked Owl Andaman Scops Owl Andean ...

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To live a more fulfilling life through interaction with owls Owl cafe Akiba Fukurou, run by a married couple who love owls, opened on August 8, 2014. Akiba Fukurou aims to create a space where owls and people can spend a cozy time together with mutual respect. Our cafe is ''By Reservation-Only, Limited Seating, and Short Opening Hours'' in order to give first priority to the owls' care. We hope you can fully enjoy the worldview of Akiba Fukurou in this warm and quiet space with its white interior. We hope you find ''new, precious friends'' here. Owl Cafe Reservation \Meet the Owls/ Book Now You can make a reservation on the day Related article Related article Share


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中文 守护救猫头鹰!秋叶猫头鹰咖啡馆 Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou Tokyo Preservation Project Thank you for visiting to this page! I hope you can watch this video. History of Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou We are the duo behind Akiba Fukurou, which we opened in Tokyo, Japan in 2014 to advocate for living a more fulfilling life through interactions with owls. Akiba Fukurou was our dream as a married couple. We both loved owls, and owned a number of owls already. Rather than the feeling of raising animals, it was natural to us to treat them like family. Not only do we love animals on an emotional level,but we also value the perspective of animal welfare. Award History This philosophy has been well-received and thus far we have welcomed 100,000 guests from over 100 countries. Related Links Customer's Review from the world It is thanks to the support of our guests and fans from all over the world that we were able to celebrate our sixth anniversary together. Please allow us this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude to everyone. A Harsh Situation (The COVID-19 pandemic) However, we no longer have guests from overseas, and visits from domestic guests have tapered to next to nothing due to COVID-19. Our revenue has dramatically decreased. It costs about 1 million yen a month (Approximately $ 9,000) to feed 40 owls and maintain the store, and with no clear end in sight for pandemic, the business continuity of Akiba Fukurou has become extremely difficult. We Want to Protect the Owls Our feelings for ...


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Where humans & Owls, Create a loving bond Our Philosophy To live a more fulfilling life through interaction with owls. Interacting with relaxed, adorable owls make many people smile, and we think owls can heal our tired hearts like therapy. We prioritize to keep our owls in good health. Then, we apply the healing effects of 《Classical Music, Sconce Lighting, and White Colors》 to our room so that our guests can experience 'a soothing fantasy'. As a part of our perfomance, every flow of background music has its own theme, and we go along with the story for 1 hour. The number of guests will be【limited to small groups,and our room is provided by reservation only】so that the guests can spend a cozy time.We hope you will enjoy this unique “healing entertainment” Owl Cafe Reservation \Meet the Owls/ Book Now You can make a reservation on the day Related article Related article Share

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