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AkibaFukurou is an owlcafe located in Akihabara,Tokyo metropolis, which is 【Limited Seating and By Reservation-Only】 In order not to put a burden on the owls, only a limited number of people can enter it. Visitors who have reservations can enter the room smoothly without standing in a big queue.






Owlcafe "Akiba Fukurou" run by a married couple who loves owls, opened on August 8, 2014.Akiba fukurou aims to create a space where owls and people can spend cozy time with mutual respect.Our cafe is ''By Reservation-Only, Limited Seating, and Short Opening Hours'' in order to give first priority to the owls' care. We hope you can fully enjoy the worldview of Akiba fukurou in the warmy and quiet space with white interior...We would be happy if you could find ''your precious friends'' there.


[To live more fulfilling life through interaction with owls]

Interacting with relaxed-adorable owls make many people smile, and we think owls can heal our tired hearts like a therapy.
We prioritize to keep our owls in good health ,and then, we apply the healing effects of 《Classical Music,Sconce Lighting,and White Color》 to our room so that our guests can experience "extraordinary healing".
As a part of our perfomance, every flow of background music has its own theme, we go along with the story for 1 hour.
The number of guests will be【limited to small gruops,and our room is provided by reservation only】so that the guests can spend some cozy time.
We hope you will enjoy the “healing entertament” which is the only one bizarre-space in the world ♪



Read the Q&A before get in. It contains all owls'profiles and a lot of informations about them.

[2] ~Opening Act~

An Owl Concierge will have a lecture before you meet your new friends.

[3] ~Start the Show~

Please enjoy the atmosphere with owls and sound of Mozart's music it's like a movie.

[4] Take pictures of owls

as much as you want.♪

[5] Check your favorite
owls' names

You can also find their birthday and personality description.

[6] Touch owls gently

You can try out their softness♪

[7] Hold an owl on your arm

and enjoy this unique moment♥︎

[8] with our High Resolution Camera

Will help you capture the moment with your loved ones

[9] As a souvenir we will give you a beautiful picture♥

[10] Original Goods

feathers, postcards, calendars...You can only find them in Akiba Fukurou.

[11] Boost your energy with owls♥

Owls will help you to keep your smile!






【By Reservation only】
〒101-0022 67, Neribeicho, Kanda, Chiyodaku, Tokyo
Akiba Fukurou is a world with no phones. Please take some time to contact us through the website.