Cherising owls…we created Akiba Fukurou with such thoughts.

Akiba Fukurou  is [a place of cherising owls, by the owl lovers, for the owl lovers] Cherising owls…we created Akiba Fukurou with such thoughts.


Have a “Especially, Graceful ” Experience.

AkibaFukurou is a bizarre room which many owls are in, surrounded by lots of chandeliers with relaxing classical music. We hope all of you will experience the graceful, special moments.


Snapping by an in-house photographer with a single-lens reflex camera

Our in-house photographer  will take a picture of you, using a single-lens reflex camera, and gives it to you as a gift(laminated post card). You can take it home with you as  “Special memories” , capturing  the moment of your enjoyable “memories”.

Supported by our professional staff

None of our staff works partly. Our professional staff , who know the owls very well and spend everyday together, will thoroughly support you.


The meaning of  “Limited to a small number” and ” By reservation only”…

 “Admission is limited to a small number, and our room is provided by reservation only ” : that allows both the owls and the guests to spend some cozy time; we prevent  the owls  getting  stressed with large number of guests.  In addtion, we think the important thing when taking care of the owls is that  to stabilize the daily routine. The owls that have greater cognitive abilities remember the daily flow of guests into and out of the room, and gain a sense of stability.


A clean and quiet room /  32 species of 34 owls

Every day at Akibafukurou starts with cleaning which takes over 4 hours.  We observe the owl’s health condition, temperature control,nutritional management and hygiene management carefully everyday; that allows the guests and owls to spend some relaxing time together in a clean room.


Keeping the owls’ living environment cozy is our top priorty.

Owls are sensitive and timid animals; Such owls can live peacefully is the greatest happiness for us. We would like to keep on improving their living environment so that people can co-exist with the owls without stressing them out.


The joy of being a repeat visitor, and have a long-term relationship with the owls.

The owls show you different facial expressions everyday. They will never make you bored. We think it would be wonderful if the owls could become  good friends with you and have a long-term relationship throughout your life.


The secret of relaxation…

We apply the healing effects of 《Classical Music,Chandelier Lighting,and White Color》 to our room so that our guests can experience “extraordinary healing”.As a part of our perfomance, every flow of background music has its own theme, we go along with the story for 1 hour.


Classical Music

Gentle classical music  for your ears and mind in the background . Implementing soothing Concertos,  which  are mainly  for a solo instrument 《Harp,Flute,Violin, Oboe or Vibraphone》and an orchestra. We create a playlist for 1 hour, tuning music to 528 Hz,  and  60 BPM heartbeat sound. It is said that classical music can make your left brain rest, by stimulating your right  hemisphere of the brain.


The interior colors of White × Peppermint green

The interior colors consist of 8:2 ratio;  《 White color that promotes peace and tranquility 》《Peppermint green that heals mental and physical fatigue》.We apply the effects of Color Therapy so that the guests can truly relax , shutting out hustle and bustle.


Chandelier Lighting

Inside Akibafukurou, there are a lot of chandeliers, and such subtle gradations of light and shade create extraordinary atmosphere. ” Admiring the owls, surrouded by numerous chandeliers” ; We hope all of you will enjoy such a graceful experience.


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